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Just like living healthy can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, hiring the right attorney in times of crisis will reduce the risk that your license, livelihood, or career are jeopardized by aggressive audits or government investigations.

Call us immediately when your license is under attack! If you are looking for lawyers that dedicate their practice to defending healthcare providers, you are at the right firm. Working with former FBI and OIG agents, Oberheiden P.C. has saved hundreds of physicians, dentists, mental health professionals, and healthcare businesses such as home health care agencies, hospice centers, pharmacies, hospitals, and laboratories against CMS and private insurance audits, Civil Investigative Demands, and government subpoenas.

– Medical License Defense
– CMS Audits
– Healthcare Audits
– Fraud Investigations

We Protect What You Built. If your practice is subject to a healthcare audit, medical billing audit, CMS investigation, or you received notice from an insurance company or even the government requesting medical records, you cannot afford to wait. Just like with heart attacks, the sooner you go to the ER, the better your chances to full recovery.

Call our firm right now to find out how to protect your license against accusations of wrong billing, fraud, abuse, and diversion.

Dr. Nick Oberheiden

(Founding Attorney)

Types of Legal Services for Medical Professionals

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Healthcare Audits

These audits assess and evaluate the effectiveness of a medical professional's compliance policies, patient care, recordkeeping, etc. and demand the services of a skilled attorney.

Medical and Nursing License Defense

Audits, investigations, and charges may result in your license being revoked or suspended-temporarily or permanently; our attorneys will defend your license.

CMS Audits

CMS Audits analyze Medicare and Medicaid services and can lead to complex regulatory issues; payment suspensions after a pending investigation is initiated may also result.

Medical and Billing Audit Services

These audits are very comprehensive since they examine the effectiveness of clinical documentation, billing data, the claims process, and policy.

Medical Record Requests

The government or insurance companies will sometimes request medical records from you; we can help you prepare and respond to such requests.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud investigations are taken very seriously by the federal government; our legal services provide aggressive defense strategies for all medical professionals.

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