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Choose the Best Lawyer for Defense of Your Medical (and Nursing) License

If you are facing charges or allegations that can make you lose your medical or nursing license, the lawyer you select will determine if you keep your job or end up in jail. Medical license and nursing license claims shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Representation is paramount. Most importantly, you must choose the right medical license defense lawyer by considering every factor imaginable, from experience to talent, dedication, proven record, and more!

Here’s how to find the best medical defense lawyer or nursing license defense lawyer in the U.S.

Important Attributes Of The Best Medical License Defense Attorneys/Law Firms

Every lawyer is different. However, the best-of-the-best in medical license defense share some traits.

Nationwide defense practice affiliation

There are many reasons why a medical license can be suspended or revoked, with some of those reasons linked to federal allegations directly/indirectly spanning multiple states or federal jurisdictions. For an attorney or law firm to handle such allegations effectively, there is a need for nationwide defense practice affiliation.

Law firms that have a nationwide presence characterized by experienced medical (and nursing) license defense lawyers have the capacity to defend cases regardless of their origin or where they may lead. They are also immersed fully in tackling medical license issues nationwide as opposed to medical license defense being one of the many things they do.

Firsthand Experience Handling Complex Medical License Issues

A nationwide presence isn’t enough if the lawyer in question doesn’t have firsthand experience defending clients in serious medical licensing issues. If your potential lawyer hasn’t helped a fellow doctor or nurse secure their license after allegations or other instances where they would have easily lost their license or gone to jail, find another lawyer.

Medical professionals can lose their licenses because of DUI charges, drug diversion charges, negligence, testing positive in drug tests, criminal convictions, and other serious matters that may give rise to separate criminal charges.

You need an attorney who has handled high-level medical license cases successfully. Inexperienced attorneys waste precious time familiarizing themselves with matters while prosecutors and federal agents are busy seeking an indictment or planning to take your case to trial.

Seasoned lawyers don’t need on-the-job-training. They know how to tackle cases immediately to ensure you avoid charges and convictions at trial. Most importantly, they are focused on protecting your medical license (career).

Prior Experience At The U.S. Attorney’s Office Or Department Of Justice

It also helps to use a lawyer or law firm with attorneys and experts that have experience investigating as well as prosecuting criminal cases at the U.S. attorney’s office or DOJ. A law firm that hires attorneys and experts with criminal justice experience will be able to offer critical insights into medical license cases with criminal aspects. If your attorney lacks firsthand experience, he/she should be an affiliate of a law firm with senior attorneys as well as experts with the required experience.

Proven Results

The best legal credentials don’t mean much if a lawyer/law firm doesn’t have proven results. Fighting medical license suspension or revocation charges with a criminal aspect requires more than avoiding a guilty verdict. The best medical license defense attorneys focus on resolving cases before they result in a license suspension, revocation, or criminal conviction. While some cases must progress to trial, avoiding this process is preferable.

You should select a lawyer or law firm proven to fight medical license issues fast and effectively before they result in serious issues like possible jail time or license revocation.

Great Communication And Access

Lastly, you should select a lawyer that has time for you. He/she should also keep you updated on every aspect of your case. While the best medical license defense attorneys are busy individuals, they still have time for their clients and have the courtesy to call you/return calls. You can judge the access levels of a lawyer beforehand. You should also test their communication. Don’t choose a lawyer who doesn’t communicate effectively and give you access. If a lawyer doesn’t inspire confidence, find another one. The lawyer you select can determine the future of your medical career literally.

What Mistakes Do Medical Professionals Make When Choosing Medical License Defense Lawyers?

Most medical professional that lose their practice licenses make some common mistakes when choosing lawyers. Here are mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to be part of the statistic.

Attempting To Represent Yourself

Most medical professionals who lose their practice licenses do so because they don’t give resulting allegations the seriousness they deserve. While it may be cheaper to face the Board of Medicine or Board of Nursing on your own, you may be risking your career and future, whether you are innocent or not.

Mere allegations have landed doctors in jail. The same applies to mistakes that may have been presumed to be honest or linked to human error.

As someone facing career-ending allegations, you are already mentally and physically stressed. You may be battling anxiety, confusion, and stress making it incredibly hard to represent yourself, even if you have legal expertise or knowledge.

Many people think it’s cheaper to face the law on their own without a lawyer. However, the cost of losing is much higher.

Doing Nothing

Some medical professionals are also tempted to let the process run its natural course. This shouldn’t be the case. Even if the consequences of certain actions like negligence are clearly stipulated, a lawyer can alter the outcome of such cases.

You can’t afford to be helpless when facing allegations that can end your career. It’s also irresponsible to let other people determine your future. Medical boards don’t necessarily rule in favor of the medical professionals in question, even if the allegations are false or aren’t backed by evidence. If you don’t do anything, you may have to put up with the consequences of an unfair judgment. Hiring a lawyer makes a big difference.

He/she will get to work immediately, exploring the evidence and defenses that can be used to safeguard your license or reverse unfair decisions like revocation.

Experienced medical license defense attorneys at Oberheiden P.C. have handled all manner of medical license issues, including those that lead to criminal charges. We are the best pick if you are keen on avoiding license suspension, revocation, or jail time.

Taking Too Long To Hire An Attorney

While you may be tempted to weigh your options and hire an attorney last minute when the seriousness of your allegations sink in, you shouldn’t make this common mistake.

There are unwritten time limits when it comes to dealing with some aspects of medical license issues. You must plan for your hearing with the medical board. Your attorney also needs time to review your cases and prepare defenses. Waiting too long may deny your attorney enough time to prepare, which may, in turn, compromise the outcome.

Hiring a Novice Medical License Defense Lawyer

This is the last most important mistake to avoid in this list. As mentioned above, the importance of selecting a seasoned lawyer can’t be overlooked when you are fighting for your medical license. Inexperienced lawyers should be avoided for many reasons. Besides the obvious (they lack what it takes to win most of the cases they take), they tend to be motivated by fees as opposed to the outcome of the case. Beware of this approach. Most inexperienced lawyers avoid trials for obvious reasons. You want a medical license defense attorney who isn’t afraid to defend you in court if your case reaches trial. He/she should also be ready to accept a contingency fee arrangement.

Experienced lawyers have no problem taking payment only when they win cases or produce favorable results because they trust in their ability to deliver. You should avoid lawyers that insist on retainer fees or hourly charges since they’ll still get paid even if your license is suspended or revoked.

Some medical license-related cases i.e. those linked to medical negligence (leading to death) can be very complicated. You need an experienced attorney who is invested fully in the process and ready to take your case to trial, if need be.

The above information highlights everything you must know to get the best lawyer for defending your medical (and nursing) license.

Oberheiden P.C. satisfies all the above requirements. We have a nationwide presence, experience handling complex medical license matters, experts with past experience in the U.S. attorney’s office, Department of Justice, and law enforcement agencies, proven results, and great access & communication.

What’s more, we take on medical license-related cases on a contingency basis. We don’t charge upfront fees or get paid until we win cases or secure a favorable outcome. As a result, there’s no need to make common mistakes other medical practitioners make when hiring medical license defense lawyers.

Our affordability and other attributes eliminate mistakes like inaction, self-representation or taking too long to seek legal help.

Schedule a free non-obligatory consultation with a senior medical license defense lawyer at Oberheiden P.C. now. Call 888-680-1745 or reach us online.

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