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Miami Healthcare Attorneys

Lynette Byrd
Attorney Lynette Byrd
Healthcare Fraud Team Lead
Former Federal Prosecutor
Nick Oberheiden
Attorney Nick Oberheiden
Healthcare Fraud Team
Kevin M. Sheridan
Kevin M. Sheridan
Healthcare Fraud Team
Former FBI Special Agent
Wade McFaul
Wade McFaul
Healthcare Fraud Team
Former HHS-OIG Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge

Healthcare companies in Miami frequently find themselves in need of a lawyer or legal advice. Healthcare law is a core component of the legal practice at Oberheiden P.C., a national law firm with a strong presence in the Miami area. Our experienced Miami healthcare lawyers and professionals have helped numerous healthcare companies and their executives create and execute robust compliance mechanisms, defend against serious allegations of healthcare fraud, and protect their interests in a wide variety of business litigation situations.

Miami address – by appointment only:
2250 Southwest 3rd Ave, 4th Floor
Miami, FL 33129

Oberheiden P.C.’s Healthcare Law Practice in Miami

Many of Oberheiden P.C.’s leading clients are in the healthcare industry, and Miami is no exception. That support has led us to build a law firm that focuses a lot of its practice in healthcare law and to fill our rosters of attorneys and investigators with leading professionals who have extensive backgrounds in the field. Many of our professionals and lawyers have been practicing in healthcare law for an extended period of time. Lots of them also have experience on the side of law enforcement as attorneys and agents in the following federal agencies:

Unlike other firms though, these experienced Miami healthcare attorneys and investigators will also be the ones doing the work on your case. Many other law firms, including those that represent healthcare providers in Miami, use the experience and track records of senior lawyers and partners to attract new clients, but then perform most of the legal work with junior associates and paralegals.

Not so at Oberheiden P.C.

We only hire senior-level lawyers who have the extensive experience that we think is necessary to provide the quality of legal representation that we demand. You will only ever deal with these experienced and seasoned lawyers on your case – none of the legal work will be done by paralegals or even newly minted attorneys.

Healthcare Compliance at Oberheiden P.C.

One of the most important legal services that the law office of Oberheiden P.C. provides to healthcare providers in Miami is compliance.

The healthcare industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States, with scores of mandatory rules that need to be followed by all providers and practitioners in the country. Many of those legal obligations are complex and onerous. Others are more subtle but nearly hidden among the maze of regulations that can apply to a given company. Especially for smaller healthcare organizations, complying with these rules and regulations can seem like a Herculean task.

The healthcare compliance team at Oberheiden P.C. can help.

Our Miami healthcare lawyers and compliance professionals have created, executed, and successfully audited numerous compliance schemes for a wide range of different issues and circumstances, including:

We have handled legal situations such as these for a wide range of professionals, corporations, and executives and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry. Just a few of the types of people and organizations that Oberheiden P.C. has represented in the past in Miami have been:

With the assistance of the healthcare attorneys and compliance professionals at Oberheiden P.C., these clients and others like them have brought their practices into compliance with the numerous legal obligations imposed by state and federal law. This has allowed them to focus their attention on providing the healthcare services that they were trained to provide, without fear that they or their company have been exposed to legal liability.

Put our highly experienced team on your side

Dr. Nick Oberheiden
Dr. Nick Oberheiden



Lynette S. Byrd
Lynette S. Byrd

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney


Ellen Comley
Ellen Comley

Senior Counsel


Roger Bach
Roger Bach

Former Special Agent (OIG)

Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor

Healthcare Compliance Consultant

Susan Sage
Susan Sage

Healthcare Auditor

Miami Healthcare Lawyers Handling Fraud Defense Cases

If your Miami healthcare company’s existing compliance scheme proved ineffective or a third party is claiming that its business or billing practices are fraudulent, the healthcare fraud defense lawyers at Oberheiden P.C. can help you raise effective legal defenses that beat back the allegations and preserve the future of your company.

Healthcare fraud allegations are serious, especially if they involve a government-funded healthcare program, like Medicare, Tricare, or Medicaid. Perhaps worse, they frequently begin innocuously enough, often in the form of a mere audit by a private insurer or a federal government agency. These include:

Many healthcare executives still go into these audits with the idea that they are random. But that is not the case anymore. Auditing agencies increasingly only choose providers to be audited because they have found irregularities in their business or billing practices that warrant further inspection. There is nothing routine about these audits, and healthcare companies should take precautions to keep them from escalating.

If they do escalate, it can turn into civil or even criminal allegations of fraud. These can take a wide variety of forms, including:

These allegations can also be pursued in a variety of ways, like through:

Getting legal representation for these situations is crucial. The fraud defense team at Oberheiden P.C. have handled them all.

Business Litigation for the Healthcare Field in Miami

Not all threats to your company come in the form of allegations of fraud or can be prevented through strict compliance protocols. In some cases, healthcare companies need to defend themselves against private parties – often former employees or customers with an axe to grind or current competitors looking to get ahead. Oberheiden P.C. also represents healthcare companies in Miami in these business litigation scenarios like:

In many cases, these legal situations are quite precarious. Having legal representation that is familiar with both the legal and the business repercussions of one of these claims is essential. The business litigation team at Oberheiden P.C. has a long track record of successfully defending healthcare providers of all stripes – from laboratories to hospitals to small clinics – from serious civil threats.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Law in Miami, Florida, and Oberheiden P.C.

Do You Have a Law Office in Miami, Florida?


Yes, Oberheiden P.C. operates a regional law office in Miami. It is located in the Coral Way district of the city at 2250 Southwest 3rd Avenue, on the 4th Floor. This puts our office right off of Interstate 95 – a helpful convenience for clients who need to visit in person.

You can call the Miami office directly at (305) 928-8505.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a “National” Law Firm?


Oberheiden P.C. is a national law firm: We have law offices across the country, from Florida to Texas to Oregon to New York City. This helps our healthcare clients in Miami in several ways.

First and foremost, many healthcare issues implicate interstate issues, especially when the healthcare provider is a large one with business locations in numerous states. Our network of attorneys is far more likely to have associates in these areas of the country where you need legal representation the most, in addition to Miami.

Secondly, though, it means that your healthcare company can tap into the minds of experienced health law attorneys in other areas of the country. Collectively, our lawyers are highly experienced in representing healthcare providers in business litigation, compliance, and fraud defense cases. Even if our local counsel in Miami is uncertain about a legal issue, our other attorneys are only a phone call away and more than willing to give their input.

Why Only Employ Senior Lawyers?


Because we think that our clients deserve to have all of their legal work performed by the experienced lawyers who will help them the most. By only hiring senior-level lawyers and partners at Oberheiden P.C., we also ensure that all of your communications go directly to the lead attorney on your case. This avoids the common situation where your interests and concerns get lost as they are relayed up the chain of command.

Why Don’t You Call Yourself the Best Healthcare Law Firm in Miami?


We prefer to let our clients’ testimonials do that kind of talking for us. Many of them have been more than happy with the legal representation and guidance that we have provided.

Get The Miami Healthcare Attorneys of Oberheiden P.C. On Your Side Today

Whether you need to defend against a civil lawsuit by a private party, bring your healthcare company into compliance with federal or state regulations, or defend against allegations of healthcare fraud, the attorneys at Oberheiden P.C. are more than qualified to guide you through these stressful and important times. Contact them online or call them at (305) 928-8505 to get started on your case in Miami, Florida.

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