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Lawyers for Doctors

Lynette Byrd
Lead attorney
Lynette Byrd

Becoming a doctor in the United States is no easy feat, to say the very least. In addition to studying for years on end, completing residency requirements and sitting for a board exam, the patience, talent, skill and dedication required to become a licensed physician is an accomplishment worthy of praise from anyone. Further, practicing in today’s landscape can be daunting and complex. As a physician, you may find yourself facing disciplinary actions, licensure issues, criminal allegations, fraud, compliance issues and other business matters related to your practice. As this is the case, placing a high value on your license and profession and thus protecting your interests is essential if you wish to continue to practice medicine in the United States. When you do, you are setting yourself up to maintain a long and successful career as a medical practitioner.

In our current landscape, healthcare providers are often under a significant burden and great scrutiny when it comes to services provided and the appropriate procedures utilized in any given circumstance. A physician’s practice involves a wide variety of issues, some of which should only be referred to and handled by experienced attorneys in order to avoid any kind of detriment to your business. The complexities involved in representing a physician with regard to any legal matter are too grand to handle on one’s own. As such, we have dedicated a practice group to provide representation to doctors in the field of health law.

Oberheiden P.C. Advocates for your Profession.

The healthcare industry is the second most regulated industry in the United States and has an immense amount of law and regulations that can affect physicians and their practices.

At Oberheiden P.C. we have developed a dedicated practice devoted to handling actions involving healthcare and the physicians that make up a portion of this industry. Our practice team includes former Department of Justice officials, former federal prosecutors in charge of escalated healthcare audits and fraud investigations, and as trusted consultants to hundreds of dentists, physicians, and mental health providers across the United States.

We are positioned to represent you in a number of matters, no matter how complex. Our experiences span decades upon decades and have been specialized and sharpened to provide you with some of the best legal representation possible. Our attorney’s previous experience allows us to provide doctors with a broad range of legal services and representation, including the complex regulations, licensing requirements and business relationships that may affect a career as a doctor. In addition, we are well-situation to be able to provide you with representation that may cross over with other legal fields separate from healthcare law.

Why Representation Matters to You.

Any complaint or allegation against you as a physician can be detrimental and, ultimately, devastating to your career. After many years of dedication and hard work, it is easy to see why no complaint or allegation should be taken lightly. You have spent much time dedicating yourself to your profession. Why put it at risk for failure to obtain the right attorney to defend your interests? The consequences of these complaints can be severe and damaging not only to your career, but your reputation and your mental peace.

Whenever an issue arises, it is imperative that you, as a licensed healthcare practitioner, contact your attorney in order to gain sound legal advice and have your attorney potentially represent you and your interests where and when it matters. The range of consequences that a physician may face are wide and must be dealt with as soon as possible due to the aggressive investigations and allegations that may pile up against you.

Actions that may put your Career at Risk

There are many actions that can put your medical license in jeopardy. Some of these actions that may lead to an investigation are:

  • Criminal convictions
  • Fraud
  • DUI
  • Substance abuse
    • Drug abuse
    • Alcohol abuse
  • Diversion of drugs
  • Gross negligence
  • Incompetence
  • Patient complaints

Our team of highly experienced and specialized lawyers are dedicated to defending any claims against you. We have represented doctors in a number of actions and continue to do so in front of medical boards, state licensing divisions, administrative divisions and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Not only are we skilled in providing you with a strong defense, our goal is also to handle any matters that may arise within your profession in an expeditious manner. This means effectively limiting your time and money while representing you in the best manner possible. We are here to help you in matters of licensure, negligence, malpractice claims, criminal defense and regulatory compliance. There is no limit to the number of procedural safeguards you can put in place in order to protect your interests and your practice. With former FBI agents and federal attorneys and former prosecutors on our roster, we are able to assist you to handle any situation that may come your way. Contact us today.

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