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Our Medical License Defense Experience

Medical professionals, like doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses are usually at the forefront of saving lives. They work tirelessly to ensure we remain healthy. However, the nature of their jobs attracts huge risks.

Doctors spend years in medical school and more years in training to get a medical license. Your license is a symbol of the sacrifices and investment you have made to build your career. Without a medical license, you can’t get a job, treat patients, or open your own practice; yet one mistake is all it takes to lose a medical license. A simple misunderstanding or a patient complaint can also threaten your status with the medical board.

We, Oberheiden P.C., are in the business of helping medical professionals like you fight administrative complaints, medical board complaints and other scenarios that can make you lose your medical license in the U.S.

Your career shouldn’t be put in the hands of inexperienced medical license defense attorneys. You shouldn’t also assume that the medical board will see your reasons, or you are just facing frivolous complaints. Accepting invasive medical board terms/conditions is equally dangerous if you don’t seek counsel from seasoned medical license defense lawyers. Purpose to work with experienced attorneys like us only!

Our Experience

Decades of Health Care Law Experience

Oberheiden P.C. attorneys have specialized in health care law. We have attorneys and supporting experts who have worked as federal prosecutors in the past. Their firsthand experience working with the government on health care prosecutions gives us a unique advantage over our competitors when tackling medical license-related cases.

Our insider perspective helps us represent medical professionals among other stakeholders in the health care sector i.e., care providers. Apart from handling licensing and other medical board hearings, we’ve also dealt with criminal cases, public relations matters, and civil cases. Our team (composed of senior attorneys as well as experts and consultants in related fields), is unmatched in regards to experience.

1000+ Clients Trust Oberheiden P.C.

Unlike our competitors, we have handled 1000+ federal cases. We’re not just starting off. We have firsthand experience dealing with medical license issues and we have testimonials to prove it. Most importantly, we have been rated highly by most of our clients for offering foolproof strategies for winning cases. Apart from our vast experience, we come highly recommended for using seasoned attorneys only, being highly responsive (available 24/7 for all our clients), and we don’t stop until we secure your license. We also have a nationwide presence, having dealt with medical license issues in 45+ states.

Experience in Representing a Variety of Medical Professionals

Besides helping doctors in a various licensing issues, we also helped nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physical therapists, counselors, physician assistants, psychologists, psychiatrists, radiology technicians, and chiropractors.

Medical License Issues We’ve Handled

Our experience covers just about any medical license issue you can think of. We’ve handled alleged ethical violations, alleged standard of care breaches, health code violations, medical malpractice, patient death, sexual harassment, healthcare fraud charges/convictions, criminal convictions unrelated to healthcare, medical disciplinary proceedings, and previous license suspension. We’ve also helped medical professionals who risk losing their medical licenses because of legal problems, financial matters, probation violation, or other unrelated issues.

There’s no aspect of medical license defense problems we haven’t dealt with, including challenging license suspension and helping medical providers having problems securing a license. A medical license suspension can be challenged. However, you need to do it fast with the help of seasoned medical license defense lawyers. We’ve also helped providers who have problems getting licenses.

If you’ve gotten into problems in the past while in medical school, or have past noncriminal or criminal disciplinary issues, you may have a hard time getting a license. We’ve helped people just like you all over the U.S.

Contact Oberheiden P.C. and benefit from our unmatched nationwide experience handling medical license defense cases. CALL US NOW: 888-680-1745 for a free consultation.

Don’t risk your future by choosing novice medical license defense attorneys with no firsthand nationwide experience or attempt to handle licensing issues alone. We’ve saved numerous medical careers. We can do the same for you. Let’s fight for you. Your future is at stake.

We have senior attorneys dedicated to helping medical professionals afraid of losing their licenses and those who have already lost their licenses.

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